Nature and our experience at your service.



The company was born from the thirty-year experience of our management in the world of carob.

The company is GMP+ AND Biologic certified  

We Kibble and micronize the carob polp to produce high quality certified flour.

We are in Ragusa, center of carob production in Sicily:the 70% of the national production of carob is found here.

Our products are the best raw material for feed for all animal species

The commercial name of our main product is CAROB FEED.



High quality raw material produced by roasting and micronizing carob pods. It is rich in sugar (more than 4040%), astringent, sweetener, energetic, thickener.

Kibbled Carob

The pods of the kibbled carob are the best raw material for feed


Destinated to the alimentary industry for production of seedgum

Advanced features of CAROB FEED

Apparance: Brown powder
Humidity: 4,20%
Proteins: 4,80%
Fats: 0,50%
Fiber: 6,00%
Sugar: 40-42%
Micron: 80
Presentation: big bag - bag 25Kg

Advanced features of KIBBLED CAROB

Size: midium/large/fine
Humidity: 14,00%
Proteins: 4,80%
Fats: 0,01&percnt
Fiber: 6,00%
Ash: 3,10%
Sugar: 40%
Presentation: Bulk - Bag 30 Kg – Big Bag

Advanced features of CAROB SEED

Apparence: seed
Humidity: 12-14%
Impurity: 2,00%


In line with the objectives we have obtained important certifications. Bio reflects our nature, GMP+ ensures our commitment to quality

Sicilian Carob Flour srl

was born from the convergence of the 30-year experience of its founders in the production of animal feed.

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Viale 10, 97100 Ragusa RG

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